About Jessica


i married my best friend in 2012, which totally still makes us newlyweds

photography is my passion

i’m a nurse

naps are my jam

i use way too many exclamation points!!! I just want to make sure my excitement is understood!

i cry at weddings

favorite flower: peony

i have 1 sister and 4 brothers… i heart them to pieces!!

*NSYNC > all other boy bands

i LOVE love

i don’t have a favorite color. i’m indecisive like that 😉

i <3 chocolate, but dark is best

i have a fear of ferris wheels, seriously…don’t judge!

i have the best friends. ever.

i hate getting to a movie late…previews are a must!

favorite sound: laughter

i wear glasses when i edit

my family is pretty amazing. i love them more than anything

i can’t wait to see the world and all of its beauty